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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Picky Eater

     Have you ever heard about someone with picky eater? Well,it used to remind me when I was a kid. My mother said that I was a picky eater since I was small. She was so much worried that I always refused to eat what she cooked and she sometimes lost idea what to cook for me. I would reject the food which I found it was not specified to my needs.
     The only dishes I could eat was fish curry, but I only ate rice in a very small portion with curry but never touch the fish. That was the meal for my lunch and again I never care what to eat for dinner. I wouldn't mind if I didn't take dinner at all because I never felt hungry at night. I could sleep without eat at night but when I woke up on the next morning,I became so starving and had no choice. I would go to the kitchen to find myself the roti canai which bought by my father when he went to the market for buying groceries. Again,roti canai to go with curry. I couldn't eat anything unless I had something to go with curry.
   This happened for years and my parents were so worried about me whom they thought that I was unusual compared to other kids.Despite of having problem of my appetite,I rare got sick during my age even I didn't take fruits at all. I disliked all kind of fruits and the malay traditional kuih as well.
  During the month of Ramadhan,I was the one who was so excited to fasting that I had no one to force me to eat on day time. For iftar,I only had two choices wether to have roti canai or roti jala to go with curry. And thrust me,it happened for years until my age turned 16.
  My first time having eaten the chicken happened when my family went for holiday in Penang. We went to Mc Dota Fried Chicken for lunch. As usual,I ordered myself a soft drink while they all ordered the fried chicken,fries and salad. While waiting for the food to serve,my mother started nagging at me for being different from others. When food arrived,I could see they really enjoyed their meals. As I was the one and only been there with them just to drink suddenly decided to taste the chicken and fries when I smelled the good taste of the fried chicken. That was how I got my very first bite of the chicken and suddenly I fell in love with the taste as it was crispy,juicy with a bit spicy and different from what I had ever eat before. From that day,I decided to eat chicken instead of roti jala,roti canai,roti benggali and anything that had to do with roti and curry:). My parents were so happy that they didn't have to feel worry anymore and the most important thing,they didn't have to feel embarrassed infront other people everytime they took me to kenduri as I was always reject to eat while others eating.
  When talking about picky eater,I am not  quite sure if the picky eater has something to do with genetic when my eldest son doesn't eat much since he was a small baby until now. He is so choosy when it's time to eat and he prefer fast food  instead of home cooking food. He is 19 now and he is so skinny. My youngest son,who is autism could eat almost anything and I fear about his diet. And now, I begin to worry like what my mother had been worried for me before..:(

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